Friday, April 6, 2018

Lunch-s-an Danger

General Blue continues to chase B U L M A, G O K U and K RI LL IN in their submarine . He
resorts to ramming them into the cave walls. Meanwhile , Master R O SH I is having bit of trouble
with an aggressive Launch. As Launch turns back into her gentle self, Captain Dock's flying
circus approaches and lands on the island. R O S H I mocks the Captain and does a surprise attack on the men, aggressive Launch finishing it off. G O K U , B U L M A and K RI LL IN
narrowly escape Blue's subs and surface into a long dark tunnel. G O K U finds a button and lights up the tunnel . At the sight of a skeleton, K R I LL IN confirms the place is the Pirate's hideout. Hearing that the legend is true, General Blue has new ideas.

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